“Your Majesty!” he spoke in loud voice. All the members of the court stared at him in surprize. “Your Majesty, I mean no harm— “ “You will be given your chance to speak” spoke the one with black cloak from the left throne cutting him short. Whom do I ask for help? What should I […]

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Keeee…… a piercing noise in his head jolted his conscious, sight was blurry and a heavy weight laid on his back paralyzing him, he tried to call for help on seeing two distinct figures moving towards him, tired his brain went blank.

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She felt something tightening at her right ankle she could not figure out weather it was a rope or a human hand, she pulled and kicked with her other leg, it was cold and metallic, a few cuts as a award of her struggles. When all the efforts seized she realized she could not fell […]

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My Knight in Brown Fur

I picked up a cloth from the floor It might have been there for a week or so What came out terrified me to the core One look at you and i hopped on table top while shouting my lungs out I scanned the room to find your partner in crime, if any.   Scared […]

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Little Red Shoes

She opened the cupboard and found a saree and started twisting it around her waist over her pajamas after two rounds she looked at the length of saree left and then again draped it around her and kept a length on her shoulder across her body. Then she moved towards the dressing table and dabbed […]

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Separating from him was her greatest fear came alive, a fear she kept deep down in the darkest corner of her heart. “We are the best” she remembered his voice in her mind. Opening the door to her bedroom that scent of him enveloped sending her back in time when there was warm and comforted […]

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A writeup written 3 years back for my mother was lost and as a result I couldn’t show it to her. So I decided it would be a good idea to put forth my creation as mother’s day just flew by. Her face all tired and withered she looks old as pale winter’s moon.Her skin […]

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